Wanchai Studio

Using Paypal or Credit Card you can book and pay for your studio time here. Our online calendaring system makes it easy for you to arrange and schedule your time with us.

This is where you choose and pay for all your produced videos when you buy these from us. With plenty of options to go for you will quickly be wooing your website visitors!

24 hours before you record your footage we need to T-up your scripts in our funky Autocue system. Reading-to-camera is a total breeze and will feel natural in no time at all!

Online Autocue practice makes it easy to get comfortable with reading-to-camera before you ever arrive in our Wanchai studio. Give it a go now – you’ll see what we mean!

We’re right next to Coyote restaurant on Lockhart Road in Wanchai, 50 meters from the MTR Exit C. Contact us at any time to visit before booking your studio time.

Updated weekly, our Blog showcases our video production capabilities and the amazing new opportunities as we transition from an industrial to a connected global economy.